"We had previously listed our multi-million dollar Lake Oswego property with another agent with very poor results. We didn’t even so much as receive an offer. After seeing and hearing great things about Steve Nassar and his marketing we decided to give him a try. Upon his arrival, he immediately had many great ideas about how to improve the home’s presentation and even put us in contact with a stager that completely transformed the appearance of the home at a discount due to our being Steve’s clients.  He also provided us with several other service providers including a landscaper, a cleaning service (that he paid for) and eventually movers. When the home finally looked perfect, he created a phenomenal marketing presentation including a video with aerial views of the property and surrounding area, beautiful print marketing and signage and more.  Once on the market he was very aggressive in promoting the home, including actually showing the home himself to a prospective buyer the day after Thanksgiving. Within one short week of being on the market we had a good offer in hand and Steve and his team followed through with every detail until the transaction closed.  We and everyone in our neighborhood (especially the other two homes still for sale and that have been for countless months with other agents) were impressed with Steve’s performance and the quick and successful outcome."

Listing Client: Will & Jen Lee

Addresses: 1968 Cheryl Ct, Lake Oswego, OR

Date Closed: 01/02/15
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"Steve had an excellent handle on the market, pricing my home higher than I would have. It sold over one weekend. His marketing materials were amazing and extremely professional. We plan to use him again for another home."

Listing Client: Cecilia & Joe Hirko

Addresses: 69363 Camp Polk Rd, Sisters, OR & 1440 NW 116th Ave, Portland, OR

Dates Closed: 10/21/13 & 06/14/13
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"Steve showed me a home that he described as "magical" and it was. I fell in love with the home immediately and we made an offer but I had a problem. I needed to sell my current home to make the purchase. And that is where the Nassar team came through with a 5 star gold rating. My home presented a challenge because, while very beautiful, it was in a less populated area. I told Steve we were looking for the needle in the haystack! I believe the stunning video tour of my home and the amazing promotional brochures created by Steve and his team were responsible for bringing us a buyer in time for the closing on my new house. Every step of the way, as both a buyer and a seller, the staff were informed, prompt, and expert in their advice. I would use them again in a heartbeat.

Listing Client: Sheri Schipporeit

Property Address: 5293 Vitae Springs Rd, Salem, OR

Dates Closed: 12/11/14
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 "After my husband and I got married Steve Nassar was instrumental in our transition from our two separate homes into one new dream home. He not only perfectly timed both sales to coincide and close right before our new purchase’s close date (even arranging a rent back so we had time to comfortably move) but he also masterfully marketed and negotiated on our behalf to get us each top dollar on our sales while getting us the best price on the new purchase. There were many, many moving parts to navigate, including inspections, appraisals, repairs, mortgages and more on three different homes and we can’t imagine how we would ever have done it all without Steve and his dream team guiding us every step of the way."

Listing Client: Matthew & Lori Wellnitz

Property Address: 710 N Heron Drive, Ridgefield, WA & 6744 SE Center St, Portland, OR

Dates Closed: 02/13/14 & 02/07/14
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"I enjoyed working with Steve’s entire team. I was very impressed with their responsiveness, they returned my emails and calls very quickly. After the home inspection a major siding issue surfaced and Steve helped negotiate us to a favorable outcome. During this process he brought in siding experts to document the issue which allowed for a smooth closing and a favorable price adjustment. The entire team operated with Real Estate expertise."

Listing Client: Chris & Melinda Hodges

Property Address: 10775 SE Clark Cir, Happy Valley, OR

Date Closed: 6/20/14


"Steve Nassar is a wizard at house sales and marketing. His marketing materials and internet house listings are exceptional. What you see on his website is what you get in real life. There is no hocus pocus, quicko chango here. He is the real deal. He has great contractors, stagers, marketing people, and support staff behind him. We had a lot of twists and turns, including a failed offer, but he still sold the house with a sales price over asking."

Listing Client: Karla Crawford

Property Address: 5882 NE Skipton St, Hillsboro, OR

Date Closed: 11/14/13
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"Steve and his team were great to work with. They were ALWAYS available and very accommodating - even with short notice. Having just moved back to the area, their advice and knowledge was invaluable in choosing our home e.g. the right house in the right neighborhood. When we finally found our dream home, their team worked tirelessly to ensure a competitive offer was submitted. In fact, they were able to put together an offer package that was good enough to beat out 8 other offers! On top of that, Steve’s team further negotiated a large price reduction during the repair negotiation (post house inspection) despite there being several back-up offers in place. If you’re wondering who to go with, look no further... and if what was already said wasn’t enough, I should mention that we reaped numerous other benefits from Steve and his team’s industry relationships including free movers, a quick closing (under 30 days), and more. Thank you Steve and the rest of your team! We couldn’t be happier!"

Client: Angela & Tony Jenkins

Property Address: 2308 SE 37th Ave. Portland, OR

Date Closed: 9/26/14


"His team worked very hard to get my family the home we wanted… His associate Sydney fought for us against 5 other offers and gave us tips on how to make ourselves more appealing to the seller and it worked! We won the bid without having the highest buying price due to great negotiation skills. I would strongly recommend this team of professionals."

Client: Karen Clift

Addresses: 3927 SE Bybee Blvd. Portland, OR

Date Closed: 10/21/14


"Steve and his team did an EXCELLENT job in helping us sell our home. He was on top of everything right from the first phone call, helping us get the house ready and in tip-top shape, even having his handy man help out at no cost to us! The photo shoot went smooth and with fantastic results. When an offer came in within a month of listing, Steve was on top of every aspect of the negotiations.  All-in-all I cannot say enough positive about this sales experience - we felt comfortable with Steve from start to finish and would use him again without hesitation. I would summarize by saying Steve and his team provided a 'premium' service at a very competitive rate and sold our home quickly and at a great price."

Listing Client: John Wilson

Property Address: 2895 White Salmon Ct, West Linn, OR

Date Closed: 05/01/13

Steve's team helped us secure a home while being out of state. We did Face Time sessions of the homes we were interested in. We had few bumps on the road that with Steve's team we were able to overcome (low appraisal and last minute negotiations) We were not ready to move immediately so Steve staff checked on our home once a week, watered the plants and brought in mail until we were able to come to town and move into it.

Client: Deepak Sahoo & Priscila Panaque

Property Address: 12423 SE Verlie St, Happy Valley, OR

Date Closed: 8/8/14


"I had a property that needed the removal of a disintegrating in-ground pool and pool house. The home needed a tremendous amount of other deferred maintenance dealt with inside and out which I did not have the funds to address. I listed for six months with another agent and never so much as received a second showing. Steve and his team were incredibly creative, strategic and resourceful. He even paid his landscaper to completely cleanup the yard. He took an extremely challenging situation, did the most possible with what little resources I had, then marketed it aggressively, getting it shown time and again until he finally not only got an offer but then got it closed."

Listing Client: Ryan Tammen

Property Address: 8725 SW Garden Home Rd, Portland, OR

Date Closed: 05/03/13


"Steve and his team were instrumental in guiding us through the purchase, sale and transition processes. They communicated often and effectively with both sides (seller of new & buyer of old) in organizing a buffer period and eventually perfection in moving day timing. Buying and selling homes is a huge deal. While there were bumps in the road, we could not have had a better guide leading us past each obstacle."

Listing Client: Brandy & Matthew Reid

Property Address: 7923 SE 103rd, Portland, OR

Date Closed: 07/15/13


"Even though our condo is very desirable, proven by the fact that there were 36 showings, it was difficult to sell. There were extenuating circumstances to deal with regarding the homeowner's association and a large special assessment that was being imposed upon everyone. Steve and his team never gave up on it, and we feel his expertise made the sale of this condo possible."

Listing Client: Dave & Toni Baldwin

Property Address: 159 Oswego Summit, Lake Oswego, OR

Date Closed: 11/01/13


"He helped us coordinate all the service providers (landscaping, staging, handyman touch ups, and photography) so as to strategically improve the home and get top dollar."

Listing Client: Lonie Swenson

Property Address: 14228 SE Nehalem Ct, Pleasant Valley, OR

Date Closed: 10/25/13
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"Without question, Steve is the best man for this job. I just closed on my dream house for an amazing deal, and when I say amazing I'm talking over $50k in instant home equity! Steve worked with me in every aspect when buying this home. He walked me through step by step and answered every question that I had with complete accuracy. When I first started the home buying process I was a bit nervous, but Steve made me feel comfortable and confident that I was getting the best price on my new home. I strongly recommend using Steve Nassar and his team for any real estate needs, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed."

Purchase Client: Brent Chopp

Property Address: 8975 SE 282nd, Boring, OR

Date Closed: 08/05/13

"Steve and his team were great to work with and I would not hesitate to utilize his service again in the future. Steve provided great advice and helped us navigate some challenges we faced in getting our transaction completed."

Purchase Client: Jeff Short

Property Address: 6130 SW 152nd St, Portland, OR

Date Closed: 07/30/13

"Steve came highly recommended by some of his past customers, we now know why ourselves his prior clients highly recommended him. He was very friendly, very detailed, and quick in responding to all of our family's questions. The process was flawless."

Listing Client: Nic Safstrom

Property Addresses: 14736 SW 76th Ave, Tigard, OR

Date Closed: 03/20/13


"Steve was a pleasure to work with. He always took time to answer questions and explain the process to us. As first time buyers, Steve and his team took wonderful care of us and really held our hands through this process. Steve was candid about the pros and cons of each house we looked at and when we became serious about one house, he was good at talking about the aspects of the house as a home and an investment. He responded to our phone calls or emails within minutes or hours, even during non-traditional business hours. Steve came highly recommended to us and we have already recommended him to friends."

Purchase Client: Jeff Childs

Property Address: 4635 SE 51st St, Portland, OR

Date Closed: 11/20/12


"I cannot say enough good things about him! I have used him multiple times as a buyer and as a seller. He really knows his stuff! He is also kind and considerate throughout the whole process of buying and selling. He has been in the business for a long time and has tons of contacts around town if you need a referral. You won't be disappointed."

Listing Client: Heather Sheahan

Property Address: 14651 SE Berkshire St, Clackamas, OR

Date Closed: 1/24/13

"Steve sold our house in one month. This was our first time selling a home and we had lots of questions. Steve ensured that everything ran smoothly and was always accessible via phone, text or email and responded to any issues within minutes. Virtually everything was done electronically and we did not have to take much time out of our busy schedule."

Listing Client: Jared Fisher

Property Address: 14101 SE Summerfield Lp, Happy Valley, OR

Date Closed: 1/11/13


"Steve Nassar and his staff treated us with kindness and respect. He is thoughtful, detail-oriented, and took the time to break down all of the steps it takes to sell a home. His professional photographer made our home look fantastic. We were looking to sell fast and he was able to get our house sold fast and at a fair price.I recommend Steve Nassar to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. They are a first-class organization."

Listing Client: Andrew Swingle

Property Address: 39895 Evans St, Sandy, OR

Date Closed: 3/8/13

We invited Steve over to assess our current home and help us find a new home that can better accommodate our growing family. He was honest and professional about our situation and had the right connections to help facilitate our short sale. Our house went pending in less than 5 days after listing!"

Listing Client: Robert & Jennifer Houghton

Property Address: 12030 NE Russell St, Portland, OR

Date Closed: 1/24/14


"Steve was one of the most professional people we've dealt with. He not only understood the financial aspects of buying and selling a home but also made us feel at ease. He quickly identified our needs and wants. Extremely quick with follow up and an amazing liaison between buyer and seller. When we had questions regarding the area and schooling he went above and beyond in research to find answers that solidified our purchase. You will do yourself a disservice if you do not use Steve for either buying or selling your property."

Purchase Client: Derek and Toni Quys

Property Address: 12424 Orchard Hill Rd, Lake Oswego, OR

Date Closed: 3/15/13


"We had our home listed with another realtor for several months. In the very first weekend of our listing with Steve we had more people look at the home than we did in the previous 5 months. Steve's support team was also very professional. Their tips on showing the home were invaluable. Great job!"

Listing Client: Mike Safstrom 

Property Address: 1328 Nova Court, West Linn, OR

Date Closed: 10/17/12


"Steve was great to work with as a first-time home buyer. He was very responsive on emails and phone calls and was also quick to answer any questions and concerns. I would definitely recommend Steve to anyone looking for an experienced and knowledgeable agent."

Purchase Client: Tina Ndangwa

Property Address: 205 NW 139th Avenue, Portland, OR

Date Closed: 12/28/12


"Steve Nassar sold my home in less than a week. He helped me prepare my home for sale and found me the resources to complete everything that needed to be done."

Listing Client: Jody Haagenson

Property Address: 1267 Hide A Way Lane, Lake Oswego, OR

Date Closed: 10/24/12


"We had a great buying experience with Steve. He is very proactive and provides honest feedback. Would recommend him to anyone."

Purchase Client: Hoai Van Le

Property Address: 1450 NE 12th Ave, Hillsboro, OR

Date Closed: 11/19/12


"Steve is great with first-time and out-of-state home buyers. He had very clear communications and was quick to answer our questions and concerns. I appreciated his honesty and patience during the entire process. I would recommend Steve to anyone looking for respectful and knowledgeable agent."


Purchase Client: Patrick Benton & Heidi Pio

Property Address: 4 Icarus Loop, Lake Oswego, OR

Date Closed: 12/14/12


"Steve showed us our house on a Saturday, by Sunday we had already had our offer accepted. Steve did a good job at keeping us in the loop and referring the appropriate people that could assist us in making the transition go smoother. From the get go, our transaction was very quick. Steve did a good job at keeping up with the pace and ensuring we did as well."

Purchase Client: Dorie & Jimmy Amaya

Property Address: 14737 SW Fern St, Tigard, OR

Date Closed: 9/20/12



"Steve did a fabulous job in helping us buy our home. He worked quickly, efficiently and effectively in securing our dream home for us. I'd highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home in the Lake Oswego, OR area."


Purchase Clients: Simeon & Darcy Roane 

Property Address: 460 Boca Ratan, Lake Oswego, OR 

Date Closed: 7/23/12

 Lake Oswego Real Estate

"Steve did a terrific job making a difficult transaction work. He never gave up and never quit. On top of that he went the extra mile time and time again to make the deal happen. He always had a positive attitude, and in the end it all worked out wonderfully. Steve is well on his way to reaching his goal of being the best agent in the nation."


Purchase Client: Jude Hughes- CEO Profound Properties LLC 

Property Addresses: 6030 & 6050 SW 130th Ave, Beaverton, OR 

Date Closed: 9/4/12

 Beaverton Real Estate

"Sold our house quickly had two offers within two weeks and contract on third week closed a month later. Any challenges were dealt with quickly. Smooth transaction over all. Good email communication. I live in Japan so that was important. The house pretty much sold over the Internet. Only needed to talk on the phone once. Like most things in life if you want it sold quickly you have to price it for the current market and situation. Steve will do the leg work to make the sale happen. However if a buyer or seller is not realistic don't expect miracles. Steve is a good agent to go to and use if you are in need of one."

Listing Client: Bobby Savanh

Property Address: 14333 SE Viola Vineyard Dr, Happy Valley, OR

Date Closed: 9/26/12


"Steve took on the difficult job of helping me through the probate process after my mother passed away. The house was not an easy sell and needed some work, Steve used his knowledge of the market and his connections with local contractors to help drive everything in the right direction. Steve was very direct and kept the process moving throughout. Steve did not shy away from this challenge and I would definitely use him again."

Listing Client: Paul Kennedy

Property Address: 12604 NE Holladay Place, Portland, OR

Date Closed: 9/4/12


"My house had been on and off the market for three years. When I finally hired Steve to sell the house after having tried with other brokers, the house had offers practically on the first day of its market appearance. In addition to a profound knowledge about mortgage loan related issues, Steve has a real passion for what he does. He is thorough and engaging, and has a large professional network. He also has excellent people skills which makes him well connected to different business parties. In short, if you have Steve Nassar to represent you, you are lucky --- you'll reach your goal with satisfaction, because he cares."

Listing Client: Lea Wakeman 

Property Address: 460 Boca Ratan, Lake Oswego, OR 

Date Closed: 7/23/12

Hideaway Lane Image 

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