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Staging Your Home


Staging is all about creating an atmosphere that draws out the beauty of a house. When staged correctly, a home can often turn what would otherwise be a cold and logical purchase on the part of a buyer (e.g. “this house is 2000 sq ft, the house across the street was the same size and sold for X, therefore we should only pay X and not a dime more”) and turns it into a highly emotional purchase (e.g. “I love this home and don’t want to leave it! What must we do in order to get this home?”).
Additionally, buyers feel more comfortable purchasing a well-cared for home because they will reason that if what they can see is maintained then most likely what they can't see has also been maintained. Staging will also help you to have beautiful pictures, videos and images for your ever-so-important marketing. Here are a few tips for that process:



Remove all clutter from the house.

  • Are countertops free and clear? 
  • Have you removed unnecessary furniture throughout the house?
  • Remove the art gallery and coupon collection from the refrigerator.
  • Think of a nice hotel room and how much is in the room and on tables, counters, etc. A well-staged home will have that amount.

Check the bathrooms.

  • Are the surfaces clean and clear?
  • Are shower curtains and doors hung properly? 
  • Are the toilets clean?
  • Is the flooring clean and fresh?
  • Are towels neatly hung?

Check the walls.

  • Is paint and wallpaper fresh and clean? 
  • Are the walls free from holes?
  • Are there any objects on the walls that need to be removed?


Check the floors. 

  • Is the carpet clean and free from stains? 
  • Are hard surface floors clean and free from stains?

Check windows and window coverings.

  • Are all the windows clean?
  • Are draperies and blinds clean?

Pet check.

  • Are there any signs that this is a pet's home? Be sure to clean and remove kitty litter, pet toys, food bowls and bedding.

How's the aroma?

  • Try to air out the home prior to showings. Few things will turn away a buyer faster than a bad odor.
  • If air freshener is necessary, use well before showings as a consideration to those with allergies.

Set the mood prior to showings.

  • Open draperies and blinds.
  • Open doors between rooms to give an open feel.
  • Turn on the radio to a classical music station, set the volume on low.
  • If you have time, cook a batch of cookies to have the warm, welcoming aroma permeating the home.
  • Turn on candles, fireplaces and ALL lights in the home.


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