Townhouses have two or more floors and are often connected to other units. Similar to a condominium, townhouses sometimes have HOA fees, which may include common ground upkeep, recreation areas and amenities. Unlike a condominium, with a townhouse you own the land underneath the structure and therefore qualify for single family residence financing. 

A Tudor style home will look like an old English home. These usually have gables and half-timbered exterior walls along with brick or stucco. Windows are tall and diamond-paned. Popular features are arched doorways and windows. The room sizes and layout will vary widely as these homes will commonly have unique character and design. 

A Bungalow is a compact one-and-one-half story house containing smaller rooms. There are typically two or more bedrooms on the main floor, along with a bathroom and living space. Bungalows often have basements that can be finished for additional space. However, these basements may only have access from the exterior of the home, limiting this as an option. There may also be attic space that can be finished to add one or more bedrooms. Bungalows may have bay windows and a front porch as an accent.

A Condo is a piece of property where the land underneath is not individually owned. Often times a Condo and a similar apartment are differentiated by whether there is ownership or not. Condos often have common areas that are owned by the entire Home Owners Association or HOA. These usually require a monthly payment in addition to your normal mortgage payment, property taxes and homeowner’s insurance. Condos typically need unique financing that requires the building and the HOA to have first been approved. Make sure to let your mortgage advisor know right away if you are interested in purchasing a Condo.

A High-Rise apartment or property is any multiple-floor building that has ten or more floors.

A Colonial home can be described as any house where the second floor living area is the same as that of the first floor living area. More specifically, it is very symmetrical with a center, or slightly offset, front door with windows equally spaced on both sides. Typical Colonials will have all the main living space on the first floor such as living room, dining room, possible den or family room and kitchen. The second floor is usually reserved for the private quarters such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Most will have a basement and an attic that may or may not be finished living space. They almost always have grand columns along the front of the home. 

A Victorian style home is often found in older cities and communities and they typically offer hardwood floors, high ceilings, stained glass, dramatic stairways and crown molding, multiple paint colors on the exterior, and an eclectic collaboration of design and architecture. Many modern Victorian homes will have redone kitchens and baths while still maintaining original elements and character.

A Snout House is one with the garage door protruding out and is the closest part of the dwelling to the street. 

A Manufactured Home is a dwelling unit that is built in one location and moved to another. These are often considered personal property and do not hold value like site-built homes, which are considered real estate. This also means that, like motor vehicles or floating homes, real estate agents are not licensed to sell these, especially if it is located in a park.

A Duplex is two properties that are joined by one common wall.

A Ranch is a home where all the rooms are on a single floor. They are often rectangle or L-shaped. Rooms are typically spacious and every area is utilized for its space. Ranches may or may not have basements and if so, are commonly referred to as a Daylight Ranch. 

The hallmarks of a Fourquare home include a basically square, boxy design, two-and-one-half stories high, usually with four large rooms to a floor, a center dormer, and a large front porch with wide stairs. Other common features included a hipped roof, arched entries between common rooms, built-in cabinetry, and Craftsman-style woodwork.

Split Level homes often have three floors of living space, all tied together with a few stairs leading to each. The main entrance and living area will usually have a few stairs leading up and a few stairs leading down to two nearly-equal sections of house. This kind of house is quite suitable for building on slanted or hilly land. 


A Cape Cod style home is similar to a bungalow but will usually have a distinctive peaked roof, central front door, shutters, and an A-frame construction. Cape Cods also have first floor bedrooms and often feature more living space such as a larger dining room or second floor bedrooms with baths optional. 


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