Think of it like Google Street View, but for inside the home.

Groundbreaking 3D Showcase



This is a virtual tour like no other. The revolutionary technology allows the following:

  • Interactive 360 degree views of inside the home or go on a room-to-room walk through, even walking up and down stairs. Since our 3-D camera captures depth as well as height and width, viewers can envision the size of rooms with far greater accuracy.
  • See a dollhouse view that removes the roof, allowing viewers to look into the entire house’s floorplan, see how various rooms flow together, see how furniture fits, and even see the relationship between rooms on different levels of the house.
  • This also allows one to completely preview all key exterior areas of the property including those
    that Google Street View will not show such as the side yard, back yard and more as applicable.

Experience this ground-breaking technology for yourself below! 


Click the center of the image below to launch the 3D Showcase that we created for this home. Use your mouse or arrow keys on your keypad to click where you want to go as you walk around in the house. Click the icon on the bottom left of your screen to select the dollhouse view and use your arrow keys on your keypad to rotate the doll house view. Then click anywhere in the house with your mouse to zoom into that location.  You can also switch which level of the home you are looking at with the up and down arrow keys on the bottom right of the screen. Have fun!

The future is here!

Now buyers can actually walk through a prospective home while sitting in front of their computer and get a view of it that’s “Better than being there.” We are pleased to be one of Portland’s first and only teams to implement this technology across all of our listings. This online feature provides a high-resolution, interactive view from every angle inside every room. 

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