Open House Grand Opening



A picture is worth 1000 words.

One of our professional videos is worth 1,000,000.

Getting a buyer to the home in person?


We Created The Most Effective Strategy For Going Live On The Market And Holding An Open House:

  • Begin advertising the Open House on Craig’s List, Zillow and other sites several days prior to going live on the market. This builds a pent up demand of people asking about it and waiting for it to go live.

  • Next, take the home live the day before the Open House while also marketing the Open House in the first sentence of the MLS description to ensure that all real estate web sites, including all competitor sites, that pull from the MLS will also further canvas the internet with the date and time of the Open House.  
  • Then, make the Open House the first opportunity for any buyer or Realtor to see the home. This ensures that our professional staff is there to highlight the best features of the home in person.  
  • This also efficiently and effectively makes the Open House, with one prepping of the home on your part, double as a Broker Open. Many Realtors will also show up to the Open House as a result of this being the first opportunity for them to see the home.  

This proven strategic approach creates a very well attended Open House by both buyers and Realtors who will observe firsthand other interest in the home from the many other parties who are at the open, thus creating a heightened sense of urgency towards the property.

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